Kathleen and Her Team are Thorough, Genuine, and Honest

Kathleen & her team helped us to purchase a house in Wellesley. This was our second time buying a house, so we thought we are pretty savvy about home buying procedures. But to our surprise, there were so many challenging problems in the process, not to mention knowing right values and prices of the houses. We almost bought this house for $60k higher if Kathleen let us. But she stopped us. So we waited a few more months looking for different houses. Later when we came back to this house, the price was down to the level she predicted.

Kathleen & her team are thorough, genuine, and honest. They treat every person with a warm heart. I have been feeling truly cared for by her and the team all throughout my home buying experience.

~November 2017~

— David & Myeong Coletta